Tundaman apologizes for what he did at the Simba Day celebrations

 Artists Tundaman together with Stan Bakora apologizing in front of the press

FOLLOWING many accusations and complaints against him for what he did while performing at the peak of the Simba Day festival, today August 11, 2022, veteran music artist of the new generation Tundaman accompanied by his fellow artist Stan Bakora have come out in public to explain and give his defense to the accusations facing him.


Tundaman has pointed out that what they did at the peak of the Simba Day celebrations was not aimed in any way at mocking the Christian sect and their aim was not to cause stress to the believers of that religion.


Tundaman continued by saying that the goal was to show creativity in his art work and they focused more on entertaining while making fun of the Simba club which is the Yanga club.

The artists have said that they had no intention of making fun of people's religion or belief

Artist Stan Bakora joked and said: "I also think that the will is what really angered the people of Yanga because most of those who protested are fans of Yanga, although it is true that we have touched on religious issues".


Tundaman ended his apology by saying:

"With great humility and in the broad interests of the development of the Arts of the country in general, I would like to apologize to all the leaders of the Christian denominations, believers of the Christian religion, the Sports Council, the Arts Council, stakeholders as well as the whole society in general due to the content I used at the Simba Day festival in case I have offended you in one way or another, because my goal was to show my artistic creativity and not to make fun of anyone's faith or religion."

Written by: Abdallah Ally with the help of networks

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