TAWI Development Institute Remembers Orphans and Those in Need, Gives Tablet Aid

 The TAWI Development Institute, yesterday August 12, 2022, officially launched its activities by visiting Kind Heart, a childcare center for vulnerable children located in Chanika, Dar es Salaam.


The launch was accompanied by providing various aids at the center and another center of Msongola Orphanage Trust located in Mbagala, in parallel with providing 13 chairs for the disabled at the CCBRT Hospital, located in Msasani in Dar es Salaam.


Speaking in front of journalists and other leaders of the institution, the director of TAWI, Nasibu Idrissa, who was accompanied by the co-director, Sajida Johnson and their sponsor Tumi Oluyole from the United States, said that there is nothing better than giving to people with special needs and the disadvantaged. .


He added that helping the needy is a good thing for God, that's why they even volunteered and that gives the children a lot of comfort and to see that they are not alone, there are people who remember and care for them.


The institution has donated items worth 10 million, where both centers were very happy to receive the aid that will help in various problems of the centers.

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