Tanzania invites Bidders for the Construction of Uvinza to Gitega SGR

 The construction of the SGR is ongoing in the country as it is the implementation of the Government's commitment to improve the transport sector and infrastructure

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania invites bidders for the construction of a modern railway, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) from Uvinza in Tanzania to Gitega in Burundi with a length of 367 kilometers which will extend the Standard Gauge Railway to Burundi.


In the statement, the parties have until November 15 to send their bids to the Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC), for the design and construction of a route from Uvinza in western Tanzania to the Burundian capital of Gitega.

The government welcomes investors in the SGR Construction project from Uvinza-Gitega Burundi

The TRC said funds have already been allocated by both governments for the project to start within the 2022/2023 financial year. The project will involve 282 kilometers of highways and 85 kilometers of transit loops. The first part will take 180 kilometers from Uvinza to Malagarasi in Tanzania, and the second part will take 187 kilometers across the border to Musongati and then Gitega.


The project has been implemented since January, when the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the initial cost estimate of 900 million US dollars.

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