SGR Dar – Mwanza trips to start in January 2023


Modern railway TRAIN (SGR) from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza is expected to start between January and February in 2023. Danson Kaijage reports, Dodoma ... (continue).

This was explained today by the Director General of the Railway Corporation in the country, Masanja Kadogosa while talking to journalists about the implementation of the duties of the Tanzania Railway Corporation TRC in Dodoma.

He said that the trips will start as soon as they have been given permission by the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA).

He also said that the construction of the modern railway for the first phase from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza with a cost of Sh 16 trillion has reached a good stage and the contractor has already been paid an amount of Sh 6.4 trillion.

In addition, he said that the completion of the modern railway will help to develop the Tanzanian economy, including freeing up time and opening economic doors from East African countries.

Masanja Kadogosa, Director General of Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC)
He has also scared Tanzanians about power outages in modern railway transport and pointed out that the trains that will use the railway can wash its electricity and travel for more than 48 minutes without electricity from the national grid.

He added that the implementation of the organization's responsibilities for the year 2021/2022-2022/23 is focused on increasing the efficiency of the organization's work by building, repairing and improving the railway infrastructure.

In addition, he has explained that in order to achieve the goal of the Corporation, it is to improve the railway infrastructure by building a new SGR level railway network with a total of 4777 kilometers and repairing the existing Meter Gauge railway network for 2,537 kilometers.

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