President Samia: Officers with condoms should go back for training and remove the condoms


President of the United Republic of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan

CONTINUING with his visit to Tanga, President Samia today concluded the initial training of the Immigration Force as well as laying the foundation stone for the ongoing construction of the college built in the Boma KichakaMiba area in the Mkinga district of the region.


More than 818 soldiers of the new Immigration Force have completed the training.


During the event, President Samia congratulated the immigration force for reaching the stage of building the college along with everyone involved in making the construction of the college successful, including the government.


President Samia has also assured them of empowering the defense and security agencies so that they can effectively carry out their national defense work, he has also promised to provide employment to training graduates and increase the ranks as much as the economy will allow.


On the other hand, President Samia has asked the graduates to put into practice the training they received at the college and said that he has seen shortcomings in the executives who are in residence, so he suggested that those in the office should be sent back to the college and receive training to reduce acts of corruption and negligence in the workplace.


Also, President Samia has proposed cooperation on training for the army and other forces as well as the exchange of soldiers between Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania in order to eliminate mutual understanding and increase work efficiency.

The Immigration Commander paying his respects in front of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan

Emphasizing the importance of soldiers who are at home to return to training, President Samia said:

"I have looked at the parade, the officers who were leading the forces are experienced officers but among them I have seen people with hijabs, I think we should not have officers with hijabs. They should come back here and come and take out cloths so that they can be faster in carrying out their duties"


The role of the Immigration Service is to facilitate and control the entry and exit of citizens and foreigners in accordance with Law no. 7 of 1995, Tanzania Citizenship Law No. 6 of 1995 and Passports and Travel Documents Act No. 20 of the year 2002 and the Regulations accompanying those Laws.

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