One Person Found Dead in Thames River England, Warning Issued

 Police officers at work

A YOUNG man, believed to be 20 years old, has been found dead in the Thames river in London, England.


The police emergency unit received a call about a person seen in the water around 4pm on Sunday.


The body of the man, believed to be in his 20s, was pulled from the river at around 4pm on Sunday by Police divers.


His close relatives have been informed by the Police about the death of the young man.

People have been warned to be careful playing in river areas especially at night

Acting South West Police Commander, Richard Smith, said: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the young man who lost his life."

"Our officers worked hard in cooperation with the citizens but despite those efforts we could not save his life"

"I must repeat again with sadness the danger that water brings, It may not seem scary but the danger of water is great and even loss of life, please do not enter the water at any time without following a safe way. The consequences are serious and we don't want to see other families get bad news like this."


Following a long spell of warm weather, Britain is now bracing for days of thunderstorms, but climate change is likely to bring more danger than relief, weather experts have warned.

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