Newly Emerged Vipers Striker Manzoki Landing Lions, They Make This Statement

 Striker of Vipers FC of Uganda, César Lobi Manzoki.


WHILE there are about 13 days left before the registration of the big window closes here in the country, the management of Simba has announced to part ways with Vipers FC of Uganda striker, César Lobi Manzoki.


That is towards the closing of the registration on August 31, this year after it was opened on July.

Initially, Simba were told to end the striker who won the Best Scorer and Player Award in the Uganda Premier League last season in order to strengthen their squad.


Speaking to Sporti Xtra, Simba's Information and Communication Manager, Ahmed Ally, said that after introducing the Serbian, Dejan Georgijevic, no other player will be signed this season.


He added that, due to the controversy that exists in the limitation of Manzoki's contract with his team where himself

he says it ends in October this year, while Vipers says it will end in 2024, which is the reason for breaking up with him.


"As a management, we have taken the decision to part with Manzoki, maybe until a small window or another season, so Dejan is the one who closed our registration.


"Manzoki's contract is not clear for both sides, he himself says he has a two-month contract, but his team says he has a contract until 2024.


"That has caused the negotiations to be difficult, so we have stopped the plans to register Manzoki for now, maybe there will be other changes before the registration is closed," said Ally.


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