Neema Health Center Yombo, they are provided with modern medical equipment

 Temeke District Head Jokate Mwegelo speaking to the citizens of Yombo Vituka in Dar es Salaam

Yombo Vituka Health Center in Temeke District in Dar es Salaam has been blessed after being provided with modern medical equipment from the government.


Speaking at the event, Temeke Municipality Director Elihuruma Mabelwa instructed the staff at the clinic to use the equipment properly and take care of it.


"These devices have been bought at a great cost, it is our responsibility to take care of them so that they can serve the lives of the people and others for a long time." said Mabelwa

The clinic has received new and modern equipment from the Government

In addition, the Head of Temeke District, Joketi Mwegelo, has assured the public that they will get good services at the hospital and urged them to refrain from corruption in accessing services.

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