Nandy Opens Up About Rayvanny Being Paid 50 Million WCB

 Nandy Opens Up About Rayvanny Being Paid 50 Million WCB

Rayvanny at the Nandy Festival Stage in Songea

Bongo Fleva ARTIST, Faustina Charles Mfinanga 'nandy' has expressed her disappointment after receiving information that her fellow artist Rayvanny has been asked to pay Tsh 50 million because he went to do a show at the Nandy Festival in Songea while he has not fully finished with his previous label Wasafi .


Nandy said that the information hurt him and he felt that he was the one who caused him problems because he looked for him and asked him to go and give him company at his concert.


"Rayvanny and my husband are very good friends, my husband goes to Next Level Studio a lot to do their work, and me and the mother of his son Fahyma are my best friends, we have that family relationship. So I had taken my husband to Next Level, I just joked to him why Ray should not come to Nandy Festival? He said we will talk.

Reports claim that Rayvanny has to pay an amount of 50 million shillings to WCB

"Later, Billnass told me what you talked about with Rayvanny. I think it makes sense, but if you do it as a surprise, it will be more interesting. When I called him to tell him he said he has a show 'but because we are friends, I will come with my team'.


"This is a business, so we followed the conditions of the management criteria, he came with his team of 13 people, so I understood that this is a business and he was paid money, We never talked about WCB issues, I talked to him as he was.


"Regarding the information that he has to pay WCB because he came to my show, I really feel bad, I feel like I caused him, I couldn't even ask him.


"But I saw on the internet that he has written that he is an independent artist, so I got a relief that it is possible that what was being talked about was only about the internet," said Nandy.

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