Nandy Aanika Shares the Adventures of Her Pregnancy

 A famous ARTIST in Tanzania Nandy has clearly explained the stunts she is doing due to her pregnancy. Reports Juliana Assenga, UDSM … (continue).

Nandy has opened up and said that since she got pregnant, she has been disliking her husband's friends, leading to misunderstandings with them, she also says that sometimes she has even been answering his calls and talking to them.

This artist also claims that he has been burying himself and crying so much that he did not eat for two days. He says that he has been like that especially when he is said a little and when someone fails to come back and apologize.

Nandy, who was being interviewed on the Wasafi TV channel, said that since she was pregnant, she has been preferring to eat famous chips like Dubai Chips around 9 o'clock at night.

He says that he prefers to eat those chips whenever he is not hungry and that he can eat them many times a day even if he has already eaten dinner.

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