Mayele Disrupts Awawa Badly Inonga, Ouattara, Hits Two ...Aziz Ki Other News

 Mayele Disrupts Awawa Badly Inonga, Ouattara, Hits Two ...Aziz Ki Other News

Yangawakiwa players are happy after carrying the Community Shield played at Mkapa Stadium, Dar.


Yanga SC citizens are dancing in the street telling Simba SC: "Say it again." That is after yesterday emerged with a 2-1 victory in the Community Shield game played at Mkapa Stadium, Dar.


Last season in a similar game in which Yanga won 1-0, Simba said Yanga were lucky, but after sleeping again yesterday, Yanga woke up and told them: "Hey, say it again, we are not done, we are carrying everything this season like last season."

It is the same Fiston Mayele.


It is the same Fiston Mayele who scored the only goal last season, he scored two goals for Yanga yesterday in the 49th and 80th minutes. Before that, Pape Ousmane Sakho scored for Simba in the 16th minute.


Mayele scored the first goal in the second half by finishing a pass from Stephane Aziz Ki who in that game, made Simba's defenders feel bad and appeared to be the most dangerous person.

Chama doing his thing with Yanga midfielder Feisal Salum.

Simba's defensive mistakes, led by central defenders Henock Inonga and Mohamed Ouattara, gave Mayele another chance to score the second goal while outmaneuvering.

Despite the change of players on Simba's side where he left Chama and was replaced by Augustine Okrah, Sadio Kanoute was replaced by Mzamiru Yassin and Kyombo was replaced by Dejan, while Bocco entered to replace Jonas Mkude, still Simba could not find another goal.


Mayele, who disturbed Simba's defenders badly, did not melt for 90 minutes, he was released and his place was taken by Heritier Makambo, while captain Mwamnyeto came in to replace Aziz Ki.

Yanga seemed to dominate the game where its players were faster every time they caught the ball, unlike Simba.


The end of the game means that the 2022/23 football season here in the country has officially opened, where the Premier League is expected to start tomorrow, Monday.


The Yanga force that started; Djigui Diarra, Djuma Shaban, Kibwana Shomari, Dickson Job, Yannick Bangala, Khalid Aucho, Salum Aboubakar, Feisal Salum, Fiston Mayele, Stephane Aziz Kin and Farid Mussa.


The Lion side started like this; Beno Kakolanya, Israel Mwenda, Mohamed Hussein, Henock Inonga, Mohamed Ouattara, Jonas Mkude, Pape Sakho, Sadio Kanoute, Habib Kyombo, Clatous Chama and Kibu Denis.

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