Kiungoma New Aigomea Simba to reduce his salary to be given a loan

 Simba's new midfielder, Nassoro Kapama.


IT IS UNDERSTOOD that, Simba's new midfielder, Nassoro Kapama, has gone on strike to reduce part of his salary in the team when he joins the team this season.


Kapama is one of the players signed by Simba this season from Kagera Sugar, to strengthen the team that is determined to do well in the domestic championship and the African Champions League.


Information obtained by Sporti Xtra, Kapama, who is a player, has refused to reduce his salary from four million shillings to one million shillings so that he can be given a loan.


The informant said that the player is ready to leave Simba, but on the condition that his salary is not reduced.


"If he has no problem, he is ready to go anywhere on loan, but on the condition that his salary is not reduced.


"That is after Simba's leaders planned to give him a loan and pay him a salary of one million shillings, but he did not agree to that," said the informant.


Commenting on that, Simba's Information and Communications Manager, Ahmed Ally, said: "That is a practical issue, so let's leave it to them who know who to let go or take out on loan, it will soon be known."

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