Exclusive... Uwoya: Don't imitate me Mtaumaia, you don't know what I've been through until I got here

 Irene Pancras Wool.

Irene Pancras Wool; She is a leading lady of Bongo Movies with a unique appeal in Tanzania who says that this is her time to enjoy success while warning those who imitate her saying; "Don't copy me Mtaumia..."


In a special interview with IJUMAA Newspaper, Uwoya says that this month is for eating duck from start to finish.



Uwoya says that, this is because this is his month of great success so he has planned to enjoy himself by making a big tour in and outside of Tanzania.

Uwoya says that he is very happy and has planned to go around different parts of the country for fun because he has a lot of peace in his heart.



The mother of one child says that, after finishing her visit to Bongo, she will go to Mexico where there are terrible duck farms.


"That is, it is a month of success and many blessings for me, I want to go around here in Bongo waiting for it and when I finish it, I will go to Mexico to finish my pleasures; that is, it's like this, it's a paste bandua aisee, but tell them they want to copy it, they will bite," says Uwoya.


On his part, Aristote is a Lice of Wool who says that everything they like to imitate always has its consequences so they should learn or just look at other things and let them pass as they are.

Aristote I say that, there are some who want to be like Uwoya in one day, which is impossible because if they do that they will be hurt.


"Don't try to imitate them, they will get hurt, they don't know what a person has gone through until they get to where they are.

"Irene (Uwoya) needs new enemies right now, the old ones have become friends, they should be patient with everything because they should not think that everything is easy, impossible and not everything is to be imitated because someone will find himself hurting for nothing," says Aristote insisting that people leave Uwoya he is waiting for his life.


The Uwoya threads come a few days after he became another victim of the spread of his sexual photos and videos.


Some followers of Uwoya believe that, despite having a lot of money to waste it on blasphemous pleasures and pouring it on people, but they failed to save him from the disaster.


People from different cadres have had different opinions while many are wondering why Uwoya failed to put an end to the issue when he has enough money and every day he declares himself to be a disposable rich man.

They wonder how he failed to stop getting so upset when he had information in advance that any day the load will leak?


A few weeks ago, Uwoya was an official guest at the event of a church in Morogoro that was celebrating eight years since it started providing services.


Uwoya was also an official guest to speak to a group of women in the church.


After seeing this, many believed that Uwoya had received salvation at the end of the day and had given up frivolous things, but now the worst thing has happened to him to tarnish his name completely.

Stories; Imelda Mtema, Dar

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