Diamond Claims The Music Industry Is Thankless, Makes A Serious Statement About Rayvanny

 Diamond Platnumz

The superstar of Bongo Fleva and CEO of the WCB label, Naseeb Abdul 'Diamond Platnumz' has decided to break his silence and reveal what he sees following the saga of his artists whom he helps promote in his label, once they become famous they run away from him and start a commercial war with him.


Going through the comment he wrote in a message published by his brother @romyjons who is also his official DJ, advising him to fight with his music more than to help artists who later start saying bad things about him and scolding him, Diamond has written;


"Right now I have discovered why people like Kidayo (Wizkid), Davido and Kadharika decided to focus on their opportunities and not waste their energy, fame, money and time to help young artists who want to sign.


"This industry is ungrateful! But don't get hurt, this is our country and it is our responsibility to ensure that we continue to lift young people from the streets so that they can liberate themselves in life," said Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz has said the music industry is ungrateful

It should be noted that this statement comes almost two months since his former artist, Rayvanny, left the label while the artists reached Basata to reach an agreement to end each other peacefully.


Apart from Vannyboy, other artists who have left WCB are Harmonize and Rich Mavoko. The artists currently managed by Diamond in his label are Zuchu, Lavalava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen who, however, seems to have stopped working on music.

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