A Tanzanian colonel is awarded on the field by the World Military Sports Council

 Colonel Joseph Bakari

The Ministry of Defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has awarded him a medal for strengthening cooperation in the International Armed Forces.


Colonel Joseph Bakari is a soldier serving in the Tanzanian National Defense Force working in Russia.

Colonel Bakari, who is the Director of the World Military Sports Council (CISM), was awarded the Medal due to his contribution and efforts in managing the preparations for the Games, including the Student Officers held in Russia recently.

Colonel Joseph Bakari being dressed in Medan

The medal was worn by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Army General Nikolay Pankov in front of various leaders of the Russian Federation Army as well as other guests including participants from 20 countries.


In addition, the medal is also awarded to the citizens of the Russian Federation and international federations and citizens of other countries who have contributed to the successful implementation of the special role of the International Federation of Russian Federation.

Written by: Dunstan Mtili Erick for networking support

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