A Strange Disease Suffers the Family, Affects the Whole Family

 Helena Hungoli

A RESIDENT of the village of Imbilili Juu located in Babati District, Manyara region has spoken about the pain he experiences due to skin disease hanging and covering his face and mouth.


A family in Babati District, Manyara Region located in the village of Imbilili Juu, has suffered from a strange disease after the members of the family, Helena Hungoli, 60 years old, who lives with her other relatives, suffered from a strange skin disease. inhale and cover the nose and mouth.


Also in that family there are two children who are his and Helena Hungoli's children, along with his siblings who all live in a small hut have suffered from the disease.


Helena has asked the Government and the good Samaritans to help her, by enabling her to treat the problem of the disease that she has been suffering from for more than 55 years.


While speaking, he said in a low, mournful voice:


"every part of my body hurts and with the condition I have, I have to work at home all the time and now I need a lot of help, the Government and the good Samaritans help me"


At the moment, he has said that he cannot do any work to earn him income, due to having the condition of the disease since he was young until now, so he has asked the Government and the good Samaritans to help him and his family overcome the problem of the disease.

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