Uwoya: I don't want to wear Gundu, I just want happiness in my life

 Irene Uwoya

IRENE Pancras Wool or Mama Krish; is the logo of the Bongo Movies industry who says that, in his life, he does not want to cause trouble and trouble.

Uwoya says that, at present, if a person bothers himself, it is a wish for himself because there are too many things to give a person happiness every day and it is not a nuisance.

Irene Uwoya is the Star of Bongo Movies with a long streak at the moment

Speaking to IJUMAA Newspaper, Uwoya says that, he has forgotten the problem for a while and that is why these days he leaves his soul to be happy and nothing else.

He says this is why he recently decided to find someone to make him laugh so that his soul is happy.

Uwoya has said that in his life he does not want gundu, he just wants happiness

"I don't want trouble or trouble myself by thinking about anything in my life even for one day.

"This is because I don't want to mess up my life at all, I need pleasure, not disgust," says Uwoya who is currently the female star with the longest hair in all of Bongo.

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