Rayvanny Officially Says Goodbye: It's Time to Leave WCB and Start a New Life

 Rayvanny has officially announced his departure from Wasafi

The famous Bongo Fleva ARTIST, Raymond Mwakyusa 'Rayvanny' has announced his official departure from his Wasafi label 'WCB' and is going to start a new life outside the label which he has served for six years now since he was signed in 2016.


Through a clip of the video that he has posted on his Instagram page, Rayvanny has said that now is the time for him to leave WCB to leave it to others while thanking the CEO of WCB, Diamond Platnumz for the great help in developing him musically and introducing him to the world.


"Whoah! It's been six years now since we started working together, my team, my family, WCB Wasafi. Unity, love have been very big pillars, as a team, I have learned a lot but we have also achieved a lot while we are together.

Rayvanny has worked with Wasafi for 6 years

"I have been the first artist with the BET Award, the first artist to go on big platforms in the world like MTV, Dubai Expo and many others. I have been the first artist to enter the Billboard charts, I have been the first artist from East Africa to get 100 million streams on Boomplay. All this happened while we were together.


"Sincere thanks to Wasafi, sincere thanks to my brother Diamond Platnumz for giving me a chance for the world to see my talent. I thank Allah for bringing me here, helping my family and many successes in my life.


"My brother Diamond Platnumz, my respect for you will never be erased, I really appreciate your contribution to me, may God help you, and all you have done for me, may God increase you, Gog Bless You Lion.

Rayvanny said his respect for Diamond Platnumz will not be erased

"But the child that is, leaves home to start life and give respect to his family. You raised me, you raised me, now it's my time to leave home and start another life.


"The goal is growth and giving young people a chance to grow. Because when I leave, others can also get a chance to be helped, but also when I go I can hold the hand of other young people because even I was helped to get here, mine is just a few. My name is Rayvanny 'Vee vanny Boy' 'Chui' 'Next Level President," Rayvanny finished.

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