Miss Sonia of Bongo Movies Passes Away, Various Film Stars Weep for Her

 Farida Sabu popularly known as Miss Sonia has passed away

FARIDA Sabu aka Miss Sonia; is another veteran of Bongo Movies who died today, July 21, 2022, a few days after the death of another veteran of the industry, Mrs. Hindu.


News confirmed by some of her fellow actors say that Miss Sonia has died in the islands of Zanzibar where the funeral procedures are being held.


Some of the actors who apologized include Monalisa who posted a photo of Mrs. Sonia and wrote; "Omg!! Rest in peace our mother Farida Sabu..."


Then Swebe Santana; "Innalillah wainna ilayhi raajiuun...Mama Farida Sabu, you have finished the journey... Be very sorry, Family...Artists..."


Mrs. Sonia did very well during the Kaole Sanaa Group period in the Tufani Drama and then the current dramas Ndoano and Juakali. RIP MISS SONIA!

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