MANGE Kimambi Amlipuwa Salama SK Kisa P-Funk Majani, "What have you done in Bongo music other than Majungu"?

 Mange Kimambi has written this:

Clean, Majani has his own problems but he has told them the truth. And instead of answering him with facts, you guys are going to personal attacks about Harmonize's rape** his family, except for the time when Ommy Dimpoz talked about his rape**, he said his mother was very angry because he interfered with family matters. A spear to a pig to a bitter human….

What Majani said had to be answered with facts, Dai himself said with his mouth that he carried Mbosso's song on FOA, did he give him his rights on that song?

I'm talking because remember Wasafi entered the city by defaming Ruge Mutahaba by oppressing artists, what are you doing today? When you entered the city, you carried all the old artists who were at odds with Clouds, in Dudubaya, I don't know who claimed that the artists disappeared because of Ruge, where did you end up with those artists? Why are you not with them anymore? Did you think working with artists was easy?

Every Wasafi artist who only gets a name is slandering his own, that's all because of the bad contract of oppression. The artist who will stay there is probably only Zuchu and that is the reason for the dyudyu of Dai, the day he stops being given the dyudyu he also does not stay in Wasafi because just the other day at the airport he failed even to pay the tax, he left his bags at the airport and has no cash.

Neither RayVanny nor Harmo, in all the years they spent at WCB, no one was able to even buy a plot and build a house.

And you, Salaam, are you asking Majani what he did to the Tz music industry? C'mon meein, are you serious? Majani is the Godfather of bongoflava, after Ruge he can be one of the people who promoted bongoflava music. You are pretending to have forgotten those years when Bongo Records was everything in town, today you are asking such a silly question. This is the one who made the border of the children of the fishing boat there, many Mutie Mengi fell in love with bongo flava. You are waiting for him to die and start calling him a legend, give him his flowers when he is alive... This guy is a lot of marijuana, but don't disrespect him on the bongoflava issue.

Hello, what have you done for the Tz music industry? Because if Dai was raised by Ruge and managed by Ruge, what have you done for the industry other than lice?

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