Diamond Responds To P Funk's Accusations To WCB, Makes A Serious Statement

 Diamond Platnumz with Rayvanny

The superstar of Bongo Fleva, who is also the director of the Wasafi label, has denied accusations that his label exploits artists as claimed by some people while insisting that his label is the one that elevates small artists and makes them big and rich artists in the country.

Diamond's statement comes a few days after Bongo veteran producer P Funk Majani claimed that WCB oppresses and oppresses its artists by giving them bad contracts with the intention of oppressing them musically and commercially so that WCB can prosper.

Interviewed by DW in Germany, Mondi said; "Music is a business, we at the WCB label took some artists who were in companies already working, but they were not big, when he comes to us we invest, we make what he does big and be able to bring in money and make him big. That's why Wasafi artists become so big.

"When it comes to business, it becomes big, most of the young people want the business to be theirs alone, the money they collect should be theirs alone. When the investment is made. When he gets there, he sees that he has grown up and says, "I'm taking care of myself, now how do you take care of yourself when it's this business?" People have invested money there.

P Funk 'Majani' A veteran producer in Tanzania

"In the beginning, people were not even aware of the government's side, they thought artists were being bullied, not being bullied, it was a business, it reached the President and the minister, we explained it to them and they saw that it was true.

"I am investing more than Tsh 600 million, I would not take it and go to cultivate even corn. I am possible on the title of art, I hope I will make a profit to get my money back. "Music with empty words doesn't bring in money, that's why WCB artists become big, they get big shows, they call themselves rich because they are invested, so you want to run away so I can eat losses?"

"Those who say Wasafi contracts are colonial are not true, Wasafi artists make money, when I leave they follow them, there is no artist in the whole country who has money like Wasafi artists. If you want to eat alone, there is no business like that, I myself eat my money, Tale, Sallam, Fella, that's the business," said Diamond.

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