Breaking News: Diamond Platnumz Confirms To Buy A Plane, He Will Speak Live While In Germany

 Diamond Platnumz performing in Berlin, Germany

IF you thought it was just stories online, the news reaches you Nasibu Abdul 'Diamond Platnumz' has confirmed to buy a plane.


Yes, with his mouth, Diamond has spoken while in Germany holding the microphone of the international news agency DW in Germany.

Diamond Platnumz has confirmed to buy a private plane

Diamond was talking about how an artist should live or be in order to get the respect you deserve and make enough money (an artist should invest in himself).


"For example, for someone like me who came from the street, I am currently buying a luxury car worth up to Tsh. 2.3 you will have to do that because if you don't do that they won't see you as valuable (they will take you for granted)...and now I have already bought a private jet," Diamond Platnumz.

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