Babu Tale Responds to P Funk, Claims All Africa Recognizes WCB's Contribution

 Babu Tale with Bongo Fleva Star Diamond Platnumz

A few days after the country's veteran music producer, P Funk 'Majani', claimed that the WCB Music Label is exploiting his artists, which has sparked controversy in social networks, finally the manager of Diamond Platnumz, Babu Tale has also appeared and responded.

Tale has had to respond to P Funk after he was asked by journalists what his statement was regarding the saga where he started saying that the veteran should be left, there is no reason to answer him while adding that WCB are businessmen and they earn a lot of money so the issue of contracts is a must in business.

"As a veteran, he said it's not good to argue with him, let him say, I respect P Funk a lot, let him. WCB conventions are not on mics or cameras. Have you ever seen someone stick contracts on a camera or mike? Majani's respect in this music industry is great, so let's leave him alone.

"The inside remains inside, if you see someone giving the inside to the outside, that person has not been educated. I have many years in the music industry, I speak what I know, but we are changing from ordinary music to business.

"There must be contracts and agreements and the agreement is internal, when you see someone stopping to analyze the agreements, he has doubts. And if you see someone analyzing a bilateral contract that he is not involved in in any way, leave him alone, respect him.

Veteran Producer P Funk 'Leaves'

"Regarding Rayvanny, Harmonize, Mavoko giving up, we have nothing to say, we are businessmen so we allow anyone to say what they see. The whole of Africa recognizes the contribution of the WCB.

"Don't let people take you off track, our vision is to go international, if you let people take you off track and then follow them, you're leaving what you've decided, we're not ready.

"We cannot lose heart, we are music businessmen and music really pays us, we see no reason to stop. When you run a business that pays there must be noise.

"If you see someone shouting at someone's business where they are making money, know that they have problems somewhere, don't argue with them, respect them. If you see someone messing with me and us, give him a big-up," said Tale.

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